Why We Work in Campaigns We’d Rather Sell and Deliver Benefits than Features

The problem with selling small pieces of a service or a product is that most authors need more than what’s provided to get the benefit they want.

It’s like selling someone coffee beans when they don’t have a grinder or a coffee maker. No one is helped by it. Either sell them a full coffee-making system, or sell them the coffee direct.

Instead of offering, say, a book website with a blog that will go unused, we sell authors Audience Engagement Campaigns that come with a website, and a year’s worth of done-for-you blog posts and other content so they can use their website and blog to grow their readership. We also include the strategic planning needed to move curious site visitors to blog subscribers, and subscribers to book buyers, and book readers to clients.

That’s not to say that we refuse to sell websites alone, or just the done-for-you content marketing separately. It’s just that we want every customer to know what’s required to get the end benefit and to then offer then a full solution capable of delivering those benefits.

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Not everyone can afford our full-fledged campaigns, although our Kindle Bestseller Campaigns bring the price of entry down to a surprisingly low cost.

Still, the point is that if you’re on a tight budget, and you’re not sure where to start, our Bootstrap Book Promotion is for you.

You’ll find plenty of links to free resources on that page, as well as a big-picture overview of your best game plan for promoting your book.

After that, it’s time to get down to the hard work of DIY Promotion.

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