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We supply Audience Engagement and Marketing Bites authors with blogs, memes (graphic pull quotes), white papers, and e-books all created from your manuscript. See how it’s awesome and done-for-you.

After working with us in our celebrated "uncovery" sessions, clients often find they know their own work and purpose better than before, and go on to become even more successful. Together we can craft a powerful book and marketing campaign to let the wider world know that purpose, and to build the business of our authors.

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The Hard Truths What Bestseller Succeess Entails

Many people have great ideas. Many people have written excellent books. We help people with great ideas and terrific books to reach a wider audience with their books. We help you mobilize and grow your world so that both you and your book become visible. We want you to make a difference in the world – and a book not only builds your expertise, it can grow your business.

When you become a bestselling author you are also increasingly seen as an expert. You’re recognized on a national level. When bookstores around the country carry your bestseller, that bestseller visibility leads to more visibility, to more currency for your ideas and your approach to problem-solving. You become the go-to person for your field, and perhaps even beyond. Your business grows, your stature rises, and you’re even more than a bestselling author: You’re the authority.

And you're the person readers and buyers turn because your systems and solutions will help solve their problems and serve their needs. We make sure your book reflects all of this, so that people are certain that you're the authority for them.

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A great nonfiction book deserves an equally great website and blog. Click to see examples of the ones we’ve created for clients.

Book Cover Designs

People do judge books by their covers. Make sure yours rocks, like the covers featured here.

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Humans are visual, which means great infographics are powerful and popular. See for yourself with our examples.

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I’m the New York Times bestselling author of Killing Sacred Cows. My first attempt at the book appealed to only certain types of readers before Michael Drew got to it. It wasn’t the kind of cover to appeal to everyone and now inside, there are graphics, stories, statistics, break-outs, that appeal to all different types of readers. Which book am I prouder about? Of course, the book that Michael Drew helped me write. His way is the way to do it.

Garrett Gunderson, Killing Sacred Cows


It used to be that only publishing veterans knew the secrets to creating a successful book. But Bob Hughes and Michael Drew unearth what makes a book sell. They take you through everything from knowing your subject, to building your audience and identifying publishing models, to tracking sales and creating high-impact marketing and PR.

Jonathan Merkh, VP Publisher Howard Books, a division of Simon & Schuster

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We supply Audience Engagement and Marketing Bites authors with blogs, memes (graphic pull quotes), white papers, and e-books all created from your manuscript. See how it’s awesome and done-for-you.


We turn your manuscript into 104 blogs of snackable content that turns curious visitors into avid readers. Read some sample posts.

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To get shares, likes, and retweets, use powerful quotes made graphically delicious. They’re a badge of identity, invite ownership and turbocharge your marketing.

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White Papers,

You’ll need added value to entice blog readers into subscribing. We provide that with gorgeous, well-designed white papers and e-books. Check ’em out.

List Cases

Is there a business case for investing in a Major List Bestseller? Absolutely, and the ROI is impressive. See for yourself with these three case studies.

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Combined Campaign Cases

Long-term platform building and combined campaigns can move mountains and help you take over the world. If that’s your goal, see how these clients made it happen.

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Amazon & Kindle Cases

You can reap major benefits from smaller-scale bestseller campaigns. See how these authors did that with these case studies.

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The Fate of Your Book Is Up to You Forget Elites & Old Schoolers! You Can– Should–Control Your Success

You can hope for the best or hire the best. It’s no longer the publisher’s job to promote your book—it’s your job. We do it for you, to help your success in both book and business–so you can make a name, make a fortune, make a difference.