Service Levels

Multimedia work generally comes in three formats:

  • Video production, either live or animated graphics (e.g., explanatory videos)
  • Podcast or radio show or radio ad creation
  • Infographics, gifs, and graphic quotes (aka Memes)

Again, each of these could be added to an Audience Engagement Campaign or purchased a la carte.

Engage Your Audience
What’s Included

Video Work:
  • Video interviewing for the production of non-scripted video is included.
  • Script for scripted videos is included but requires coordination with you or your team for creative direction
  • All animation (for explanatory videos) and video editing is included
  • Two rounds of video editing revisions based on feedback are included at no extra charge
  • Uploading of video to YouTube, Wistia, or hosting platform of your choice is included
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Podcast & Audio Work
  • Interviewing and/or creation of script. If interviewing, we will provide interviewer or host.
  • All editing, audio SFX, and audio engineering
  • Two rounds of edits for script and one round of edits of final audio product
  • Professionally produced intro and outro, to include royalty-free music, taglines, etc.
  • Finished product supplied in multiple audio formats as desired and also uploaded to iTunes if desired.
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Infographics and Memes
  • Idea generation for your infographic. We have 8 general “kinds” of infographics to choose from and will work with you to develop a concept that best fits your needs and desires.
  • Generation of visual concept for graphic quotes/memes
  • Graphic design and execution of your infographic or graphic quote
  • One round of edits based on your input and feedback
  • Finished product supplied as image file and editable PSD file.
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For one-off or a la carte services:

  • Expect to pay mid-four figures for video work
  • Expect to pay mid to high three figures for audio work
  • Expect to pay high three figures for an Infographic

For ongoing work, pricing is highly variable, depending on what you want, frequency, etc. Please call us to discuss your situation and get a price estimate or proposal: 403-401-2189

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