What You Need to
Know About Book Distribution

Here’s what you need to know about getting your book into the local Barnes & Noble, or even the Hudson Booksellers at the airport:

  • Practically speaking, the only way to get national distribution with brick-and-mortar bookstores is through a traditional publishing house. So you’ll need to choose your publishing options with careif you want to see your book on the bookstore shelf or on the newspapers’ bestseller lists.
  • Just because you have distribution doesn’t mean that every store will stock your book, stock enough of your books, or that your book will be given decent placement on the shelves. A lot of this depends on how your book has been graded by the publishers and retailersand how committed you are to promoting your book.

If you’re serious about achieving great retail distribution for your book, you’ll find that our Major List Best Seller Campaign can help you achieve that.

Understand Distribution for Bestsellers
What Happens After
Booksellers Buy Your Book?

Merely having your book in the bookstore isn’t a magic cure-all. You can’t assume people will just show up, find your book, buy it, and actually read it. Just because you’ve “built it” doesn’t mean “they will come.”

Getting prospective readers interested in your book in the first place is the challenge our Audience Engagement Campaigns are designed to solve.

But assuming that your book does end up in the hands of readers, the next question becomes: what then?

Engage Your Audience