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  • The publisher can’t afford to waste paying the publishing and shipping costs plus the co-op fee for a book that will get returned to them.
  • The retailer can’t afford to waste shelf space on a book that won’t generate any revenue beyond the co-op fee—he has literally tens of thousands of other published-this-year titles in your category that he could have stocked in place of your book.

For this reason, both parties make decisions based on a risk-management model. The publisher would rather push too few books out to the bookstore, because if the book sells out, it can be re-stocked without penalty, and the bookstore would rather have fewer copies of an untested book on their shelf simply because they can’t afford to waste the shelf space on a non-seller.

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Some authors, when they start to learn the reality of publishing and of making the bestseller lists, wonder if it’s really worth it–if there’s a business case to be made for investing in a Bestseller Campaign.

And some just want to know how to make the system work for them, so they can get on with becoming a celebrated expert in their field, or just generally taking over the world.

Regardless of which type of author you are, it’s worth getting this report.

  • If you’re skeptical of making the investment in a bestseller campaign, it helps to know exactly what’s involved. This report will definitely teach you that.
  • And if you’re eager to see your title on the bestseller lists, this really is must-have info.

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