About Bestseller Campaigns

We plan and execute bestseller campaigns so that your book doesn’t get lost in the noise. We introduce readers to you, your brand, your book, and your message so when they check you out online, they’re impressed, assured and excited to take the next step in engaging with you.

For your bestseller campaign, we custom-design a program around your book and your message, but first we ensure that you have the platform and a growing audience to buy your book.

The most influential bestseller lists appear in national newspapers: the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and USA Today. Each is created slightly differently – sometimes using an arcane and changing formula based on estimated sales and even guesses from booksellers. Sometimes these lists incorporate statistical predictions about actual book sales based upon a much smaller sampling of reported sales.

Rather than hoping your book makes the list, Promote A Book strategically plans and markets your book in a way that fully maximizes its chances of topping those lists. That’s what our bestseller campaigns represent: strategic marketing and promotional planning aimed at catapulting your book onto those bestseller lists.

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