The Science Behind The 12 Steps of Intimacy All Humans Are Hardwired To Follow A 12-Step Path To Intimacy

When ethologist and biologist Desmond Morris decided to study human courtship and mating, using the same techniques a field scientist would use to study wolves or gorillas, his research led him to discover that all humans follow a 12-step path to intimacy. We are biologically hardwired to follow this pattern.

Granted, some people may skip a step and some move through the steps or stages faster than others, but the stability of the relationship depends on not skipping more than one step and on not moving through those steps too fast. Relationships that start from a one-night-stand approach have a much lower chance of enduring than those that started from a slower-paced courtship.

This isn’t just intuitive common sense, it’s actual science and an accurate description of how we are behaviorally wired as humans. You can read more about each of the 12 steps here.

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