If You Build It,
They Are Not Guaranteed to Come

It seems easy to do content and social media marketing for yourself, but it’s patently not easy to get good results.

Every minute, another 120 new blogs are birthed on the Internet. We’re pretty sure at least half of those aren’t about cats. The point is, there are a ton of blogs and content marketing hopefuls that never get more than ten subscribers: their moms and a handful of co-workers and friends that delete the e-mails as soon as they hit their inbox.

Promote A Book can help you overcome this: first, by creating awesome content, but also by understanding how often and when to publish and how to cross promote your blog with social media tweets, comments, mentions, and posts. Most people hope to attract readers. We have a strategy for doing so, because Promote A Book always plans for the difficult parts that others ignore and cross their fingers over.

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The Beauty of Strategy

When Promote A Book designs and executes your Audience Engagement Campaign for you, you get all the pieces of that strategy designed to work together, all aimed at achieving your goals.

Most new bloggers don’t end up with anything like that.

  • Their site is usually thrown together, rather than persuasively planned.
  • hey typically don’t have an editorial calendar.
  • They probably won’t keep up a consistent schedule of at least two posts a week.
  • Their content likely won’t be nearly as cohesive and purpose-driven as it should be.

In other words, some authors who have the time to do audience engagement themselves choose not to, solely for reasons of quality and results.

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Do You Really Need All of This?

Your answer depends on your goals for your book. There is definitely a business case to be made for having a best-selling book and for effectively promoting yourself as a thought leader.

Despite what others may tell you, you can’t just focus on finding a publisher, or an agent, and hope that they take care of everything from there.

In fact, the more you take responsibility for your book’s success—the more you plan the transitions and make success happen rather than just wishing for it—the more of your goals you’ll reach.

Because you’re on this website, you are probably a certain type of author, thought leader or business person—the type for whom your book is a means to a greater end. That means that, yes, you really will need all of this book promotional stuff in order to make your name, make a difference, and make your fortune.

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