What You Get with
Our Silver Audience-Engagement Campaign

A fully executed Audience-Engagement Campaign. We craft your message so that it represents who you are, what you represent, and whom you wish to reach. PLUS, direct access to a Michael Drew-trained project manager. Michael R. Drew is the number-one expert on bestselling book promotional strategies in North America.

This package also includes the following major elements and deliverables:

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Michael R. Drew’s team will advise you for two solid hours on your business and approach, your book, and your audience. We will also consult on strengthening your brand. We keep in contact with you as the project unfolds.

Consult With Michael

We see the project through to its launch, and more. We are there with you from the conception and design of the website to the discussion of the blogs and social media, to the launching of your site.

Learn About Our Website Process

We supply you with four Personas, the individualized representations of your audience members, drawn from the four main personality types and used to create more effective marketing.

Engage With Personas
Training Materials

We will provide training videos and a “getting started” manual for your new site, plus two hours per month of support for the first three months, and one hour per month after that, through the first year, to help you maximize the power of your site.

Work With Us
A Mini
Style Guide

We work closely with you to develop the proper language for your brand that best represents who you are and what you offer. This website style guide will have the right terms for optimized search-engine use, the trigger words to appeal to your audience, and the phrases and vocabulary to avoid.

Get The Most Out Of Consultation
12-Month Editorial Calendar

Building an audience is as simple as consistent communication of the right message. The benefit of this feature is that you as an author can focus on your work while your content runs in a targeted, automatic fashion for 12 months. Your message is reinforced throughout the year.

Stay Up on Timelines
Cards and Letterhead

We will design business cards and stationery that will reflect your book, your brand, and your overall service.

Forge Your Brand
Blog Posts.

A full year of blog posts with the optimal length of content for most Search Engine Optimization, at a publishing frequency of two posts per week, the ideal recommended frequency, expertly written to attract your audience, fully edited and ready for publication.

Get Started Creating Your Content
Social-Media Comments

Comments include Facebook status updates, Twitter tweets, and blog comments on other blogs. All these work to create links back to your blog or content and to create and amplify social sharing of your content.

Work In Some Multimedia Action
Website Architecture

Your website’s behind-the-scenes design with a professional theme aligned with your book cover and links incorporated to move visitors through your site and deeper into your content, plus 12 months of hosting and security.

Learn How We Engage Visitors
Website Creation and Execution

This is your base of operations to handle inquiries, lead generation, lead nurturing, content marketing, as well as book and membership-site tie-ins.

Get It Operational
Analytics Review

We look at how your content is performing in search engines and in building an audience, and adjust as needed to ensure that it works most effectively.

See How It's Worked With Others
“Getting Started” Manual

To launch your site, plus coaching on how to use the website backend and content-management system so you or your team can change or update the website or membership site content, and publish new blog posts, social media, newsletters, and more.

Ask Us About It
Web Pages

We will include one product page in this package, one “about” page, and 19 other core pages, so that when you’re ready to sell yourself or your products—books, seminars, consulting—through your website, you’ll be able to do so. Plus, 15 paid-for graphics to enhance your site.

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The total cost for the Silver Audience-Engagement Package is $23,500

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