We Plan to Attract, Engage, and Build a Blog Audience

To begin with, we provide our Audience Engagement clients with the high-quality, short-form content required to attract a readership.

Then, we combine content marketing with savvy social media marketing in order to drive traffic to your blog.

We don’t assume you’ll grow an audience, or that your book will just automagically attract its own audience. We have a strategy for achieving those goals.

Start Engaging Your Audience

We Plan Baby Steps from Casual Reader to Blog Subscriber to Book Buyer

There’s a difference between a casual or first-time blog visitor and a subscriber, and a difference between a subscriber and a serious fan of your work.

The first is highly unlikely to buy your book. The second might buy your book, with the right offer or promotion. The third will definitely buy your book.

Content marketing that doesn’t plan the transition from first-time visitor to repeat visitor and subscriber to serious fan, will usually fail to produce the book buying audience authors hope for.

Our Audience Engagement campaigns, plan all 12 of these baby steps, moving from first-time visitor to book buyer to business client.

Dig In To These 12 Steps

We Plan for Book-to-Business Success

Most authors leave too big a gap—or leap of faith—between a reader investing $20 and a few hours of reading, and the same reader paying much higher fees for the products and services that really pay an author’s bills.

Authors tend to assume that the people who read their book will take that leap. As in: “Step 1, people buy my book. Step 3, I get rich.”

We believe in the intermediate steps required to move people from buying the book to paying you a premium for the privilege of engaging your services : )

We strategically plan for these transitions, and bake the execution of those strategies into your marketing system. At least for those of you who hire us for an Audience Engagement Campaign or Combined Campaign.

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