What’s Included

As part of the Amazon Bestseller Campaign you will receive:

A Pre-Campaign Phone Consultation That Covers:

  • Do you have enough sales to make Amazon’s lists? If not, how many more will you need and what will be the most efficient way to generate them?
  • How you can ensure that this campaign not only to promotes your book, but helps to boost your business
  • How you can employ affiliate marketing techniques to leverage your network and generate strategically-timed sales
  • How to set up your website calls-to-action and e-commerce storefront to maximize sales
  • The appropriate sales data and format that Promote A Book will require for processing your book sales into strategically-timed Amazon orders.

In addition to answering those questions, Promote A Book will also work directly with your publisher to ensure the books are properly stocked by Amazon and to coordinate marketing efforts.

Uncover Your Answers
A Pre-Campaign Phone Consultation That Covers:

  • Promote A Book manages affiliate marketing and networked sales strategies on behalf of client
  • You generate a minimum of 1,000 pre-sales sold through your Platinum Website
  • Promote A Book takes sales order data and allocates order with Amazon to generate strategically-timed Amazon sales
  • Promote A Book ensures your book becomes a #1 bestseller in its category
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