Understanding the Problem

Platform Building is the solution to the following marketing problems:

  • Gaps and holes in your marketing and sales process that force people to either draw back, drop out, or to take a leap of faith. When people can’t “buy in” at their own pace, or when the next step is too big a step for them to take, you risk losing them.
  • Gaps and Holes in your persuasive messaging. When your marketing content fails to address key buyer concerns or questions or buries the answers to these questions deep inside downloads or FAQs, visitors not only end up frustrated—they eventually end up as someone else’s customers.
  • Niche-optimized messaging that’s ineffective or off-putting for a larger (and potentially more valuable) audience. Messaging that proved effective with the audience you started with may not work for the audience you wish to attract as you grow and take on new opportunities.
  • A lack of coordination between your various marketing platforms. Do all of your websites, landing pages, videos, newsletters, book promotions, and PR campaigns work together? Do they present a unified voice and look & feel? Is that look and feel appropriate to your profession, reputation, and status as a thought leader? This can be a special challenge for those of you engaged in multimedia content marketing.

If these problems feel familiar or relevant, or want to more efficiently and effectively promote yourself as a thought leader, then our Platform Building service is for you.

Build Your Platform Now
Solve the Problems

During this strategy session, we will map your current marketing systems and assets onto an ideal, integrated “gravity well” or lead nurturing system, in order to see:

  • - Where there are gaps—places were you don’t have assets you need, or where valuable prospective buyers fall in between your already existing marketing systems.
  • - Where there are flaws—systems or assets you’re currently using that are outdated, counterproductive, or inefficient.
  • - Where there are unleveraged assets and opportunities—messaging, offers, stories, and markets that should be capitalized on to dramatically improve or grow your business.

Then we’ll plan how to optimize, replace, and integrate your marketing systems into a functional, streamlined platform—one capable of taking you to the next level.

Start The Uncovery Process
Unfurl The Roadmap

Following this initial Uncovery, we will meet for 4 quarterly, all-day, in-person planning sessions, again with Michael Drew himself. Once per quarter Michael will meet with you and your team to roadmap and oversee the actual implementation of your strategic plan. Typically, the quarterly planning focuses on a specific service line or vertical of your business.

In between quarterly meetings, your Promote A Book team will have a weekly hour-long call with you and/or your team to:

  • - Follow-up on implementation,
  • - Provide support and consulting, and
  • - Review any deliverables that you’ve hired us to handle or implement for you.
Work With Us
Implement the Plan

As part of the Platform Building Service, you have the option to either:

  • - Assign the bulk of the implementation to your internal team,
  • - Hire a third party to implement your Platform Building plan, or
  • - Have Promote A Book implement and execute the plan we created together.

In all three cases, we will actively consult and oversee implementation of the plan via the weekly review calls and quarterly meetings. But the opportunity exists for you to assign the whole thing to us as a turn-key operation.

You can get more information on the details of these planning sessions and your options for execution over at our Platform Building Services page.

Let's Build Your Platform
The Benefits from Platform Building

Revamping your entire marketing system is a long process, and requires a significant investment. So the benefits and ROI have to be commensurate with that.

And it turns out they are. Here’s what you’ll gain:

  • - Your individual campaigns will prove more effective. Once you have a strategically-mapped-out and effective lead-nurturing system, you’ll be able to plug into that for all you future campaigns. And that will raise your conversion rates for (pretty much) everything you do.
  • - You will know what opportunities offer maximized results. When you have mapped out the entire process, you’ll be able to see the gaps and holes in your service offerings or in the market’s current ability to service those needs. And that makes deciding which opportunities to develop much
  • - Your marketing will become systems-based and easily-optimized. When your entire marketing platform is one, integrated system, you can optimize the entire system, rather than spreading your attention among unconnected silos.
  • - Your tactics and businesses will work in unison. One of the very first businesses to fully map out their marketing platform was Disney (see his mind-map below). He knew that his films should promote his theme park, which should promote his merchandise, which should promote his TV show(s), which should promote his studios, and so on. Your business can—and should—do the same (and will get the same benefits from doing so).

These are some huge benefits for anybody, but they’re especially valuable for companies at the inflection point, where the ability to scale and to systematize marketing and operations becomes paramount.

Join The Others
Working With Promote A Book

If you’re interested in engaging Promote A Book for Platform Building, we recommend you take a look at our service page to get the details, and also click on this link to get an understanding of how we work with clients.

Or, if you’d rather get this information live, from a Promote A Book consultant, you can always fill out our lead form: