Market Testing
Your Big Idea and Your Network

A “Big Idea” is one of four elements required for a bestseller, and it’s the element that most determines the potential size of your audience: how many people are interested in what you’re writing about, and how interested are they?

No one else even comes close.

Michael’s day rate is $20,000. If you want his consultation and advice for the day, it’s $20,000—and every one of his clients will tell you it’s worth every penny.

By purchasing a two-day Bestseller Uncovery, you get two days for that same $20,000, plus you can apply that fee toward a Major List Bestseller Campaign, should you choose to have Promote A Book implement your custom-made bestseller strategy.

Get the advice of the most knowledgeable and capable man in book promotions to:

  • Plan your bestseller campaign
  • Figure out a long-term platform-building strategy
  • Even determine your best publishing options,

If that’s what you need, then this two-day Bestseller Uncovery is the way to go.

Start Your Major List Bestseller Campaign

Teeing Up

A portion of your Uncovery will be spent:

  • Market-testing and shaping the big idea for your book,
  • Planning out suitable audience engagement strategies, and, if desired,
  • Lining up ghostwriting services or going through a Rapid Book Outlining process to create a roadmap for your book.
Put Your Big Idea To The Test
Your Network

A much larger portion of time will be spent market-testing your network. While a great book makes book promotion easier, the quality of your book won’t determine your bestseller success to nearly the degree that the quality and size of your network will. And the network you already have will almost always become the starting point for your book promotion efforts.

See How Your Market Stacks Up
Planning Ahead

An equally important part of your Uncovery process will involve planning the transitions that most other book promoters leave to wishful thinking:

  • The transition from “hearing about your book” to engaging your blog content
  • The transition from engaging your content to buying your book, and
  • The transition from buying your book to becoming a customer of your business.
Plan Your Transition
Moving Forward

If you are interested in learning how Promote A Book would implement a Major List Bestseller Campaign for your book, and you’d like to get a sense of what you’d be buying if and when you commit to that campaign, then a two-day Bestseller Uncovery is an ideal option.

You’ll get to taste test much of the Bestseller Campaign’s “secret sauce,” and your entire expense will be directly transferable to your Bestseller Campaign investment if and when you decide to commit.


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