Running Out of Time You Probably Have Less Time Than You Think

If you’re only a month or two away from your book launch, don’t despair: we can still help. We’ll put your book promotion campaigns on an expedited status. We’ve pulled off Bestseller Campaigns with this kind of short-fused timeline before, and we can do it for you. Just understand that, at this point, every day is critical, so contact us today, not tomorrow.

Please click on the timeline infographic to the right for a solid critical-path style map of publishing and marketing deadlines and timelines.

What you’ll notice when you look at the timeline is the following:

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One Year

It generally takes one year to launch a book starting from the time you turn in your finished manuscript. Plan on even more time if you’re printing your book in China to save money.

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Traditional PR Firms

Traditional PR firms usually require 8-9 months of time to pitch you and your book for interviews, articles, and reviews. Mass media outlets plan their editorial calendars at least six months in advance, and PR firms get their best results when they work on the media’s timeline.

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Audience Engagement

If you hire Promote A Book for an Audience Engagement Campaign, it takes us three months to turn your manuscript into Marketing Bites. In addition to that, you’ll want about five to nine months of solid content marketing to grow and engage your audience prior to book launch. The longer you have, the better.

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Bestseller Campaigns

For Bestseller Campaigns, and especially for Major List Bestseller Campaigns, we require a good two to three months of planning and working time prior to your book launch. Some of this is on our end, but a lot of it comes from the time required to reach out to your network to support your book and generate strategically timed sales. People who are happy to do favors for you might not be able to do them if you don’t give them time to plan and work it into their schedule and budgets.

Get ahead of the game
The Bottom Line

“Book Promotion Done Right” requires time to plan, execute, and build momentum. It’s a process, not an event. The earlier your bring Promote A Book into that process the better.

So contact us today instead of tomorrow. You’ll be glad you did when tomorrow comes sooner than you expected.

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