The Perfect Complement
to Bootstrap Book Marketing
Whether You DIY Or Hire Us, A Bestseller Run Is Now Achievable

The great thing about content marketing and Audience Engagement, is that it’s open to the budget constrained—as long as one is willing to invest the time to take a DIY approach and engage in bootstrap book marketing.

The question is, at what level you’re comfortable running campaigns? For most authors, making a run at any bestsellers list isn’t a DIY proposition. That’s where Promote A Book is perfect to run your campaigns.

Your bestseller buzz can feed audience-engagement and audience-engagement efforts can accumulate sales. Whereas the Major List Bestseller Campaign was out of reach for some authors, the Kindle Bestseller Campaign fills the gap.

We recommend combined campaigns to all authors because they work better.

  • Major List Bestseller Campaignwith a done-for-you Audience Engagement Campaign, or
  • Kindle Bestseller Campaign with more of a DIY approach to audience engagement.
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A Best-Selling
Author is Still a Best-Selling Author
Gain Credibility As A Thought Leader, Consultant, Or Expert

After you’re a Kindle best-selling author, you can create a print version of your book with a “bestseller” sticker on the cover. The business boost is powerful, regardless if it was a digital or printed book.

To move forward, please:

  • Contact our sales staff to discuss your book and your options,

OR See the Service Page for our Kindle Bestseller Campaigns to get full details on what’s in the box, how the logistics work.

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