Substantive Editing Expert Guidance to Make Sure Your Book Hits the Bull’s Eye

If you’re not sure that what you’ve written communicates your big idea, or you’re sure it doesn’t but not sure how to make your idea clear and compelling, we can help!

Our award-winning writers, editors, and journalists will visit with you, read your book, give you the expert feedback you need, then provide you with a detailed game plan.

We provide you with detailed advice to optimize the structure and contents of the book to hit your goals—and exactly what you need to hit your desired bull’s eye with your book.

Substantive editing is idea editing—not copyediting or proofing. It looks at the book from 30,000 feet and compares it with your goals for the book.

In fact, baking in our 4 Elements of bestselling books into your content will give you a solid foundation for your ideas. Crystalize Your Ideas With 4 Elements
Relaunch an Old Book

Give Your Old Book That Should Have Been Great A Second Chance

Maybe your book didn’t get enough promotion, or needed market-testing or tweaking. Give it a second chance! We can re-work it, give you a game plan to rework it, or give it the Audience Engagement and Bestseller Campaigns it deserves.

Get Back In the Game
Hire Us to Write the Book For You

If you don’t have much written, or want to start over, and you’d rather hire a writer, we can ghostwrite your book using our best-selling staff ghostwriters and a proven process for getting your book from your head to the page.

Let Us Write It For You
Hire Us to Substantively Edit Your Manuscript

If you’re interested in this service, we suggest you go to the Service Page for Substantive Editing and get the full details in terms of deliverables, timelines, ballpark pricing. Or contact us directly to discuss your needs.

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