Relaunching an Old Book

If you've got an existing book that you want to relaunch, we will make sure it contains the four essential elements to becoming a bestseller: the big idea, the nuts and bolts, the entertainment and the hope. This might involve some reorganization, some focusing and some rewriting, but it will result in a book that's much stronger and fresher to take on the marketplace and find new readers.

Learn The 4 Elements
Repurpose Your Content What To Do With A Book That Didn’t Achieve What You Hoped

Great books often sink without a trace—especially when they aren’t promoted with the right Bestseller and Audience Engagement Campaigns. The question of relaunching is not just about the book’s lack of success. It’s about what the book was supposed to achieve for your business—that’s the part that matters. Our advice to authors who want to relaunch their books is simple: keep your eyes on the prize.

  • Would you rather relaunch your book to huge success that never translates to your business?
  • Would you rather repurpose your content to make a name, a fortune, and a difference, even if it means your book remains sunk-without-a-trace?

We ask the hard question, because it’s not that we can’t relaunch books, or that you can’t have all of the above—we’ve been hugely successful in repackaging and relaunching books to both bestseller and business-boosting success.

We ask the hard question because your ability to make wise decisions around what to do with the ideas and content inside your book depends upon your answer.

Your answer to the question determines if the best option is to:

Repackage and republish your book

Relaunch your book without republishing it

Recycle and transform your failed book into successful content marketing in order to build your business and platform independent of the book itself.

Start Building Your Platform

If your publishing contract or publisher will allow you to repackage and republish the book, and if you have the budget and ambition for a Major List Bestseller Campaign, then republishing is the way to go.

Promote A Book is ideal for republishing books because we have the know-how to substantively edit, bestseller-ify, and repackage books along with the ability to properly promote them. This means maximizing retail distribution (getting more books on bookstore shelves) and propelling them onto the bestseller lists.

However, if your contract or publisher prohibit you from republishing, choose between relaunching or recycling.

Let Us Rework Your Content

If you have faith in your book and an emotional need to see your book succeed, then relaunching is the way to go.

Without requiring any repackaging, editing, or even reprinting, we can give your book a full relaunch with Audience Engagement Campaigns, Bestseller Campaigns, and all the support your book should have received when it first came to market. Note that the Bestseller Campaign can be for the Kindle version of the book, as a more affordable way to attain best-selling book status.

Pick The Right Package

If you can’t republish and you lack the budget for a relaunch, you can recycle the book for your content marketing efforts, in order to build your platform and your audience. You can even have Promote A Book build that content marketing directly from your book.

Whichever direction you take, Promote A Book can help you breath new life into your old book and achieve the larger business goals you hoped for when you first sat down to write it.

Uncover How To Repurpose Your Book

Garrett Gunderson republished his book, Killing Sacred Cows, and worked directly with Promote A Book. We substantively edited and repackage his book to include crucial bestseller elements and temperament-based communication techniques, or Persona Architecture. You can hear more about the process from Garrett himself in the following video.

Garrett Gunderson & Killing Sacred Cows

****Insert video of Garret Gunderson here***

Garrett’s republished book then landed on the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestseller lists through the impact of a combined Audience Engagement Campaign and Major List Bestseller Campaign.

It’s important to note that these campaigns not only achieved success for the book, but resulted in a dramatic boost to Garrett’s business. That’s only one reason Garrett is so proud of the impact and influence that the new and improved book had on readers.

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Roy H. Williams & The Wizard of Ads

Roy Williams wrote his first book, Does Your Ad Dog Bite?, as a self-published title. When it didn’t raise his profile or boost his business as he had hoped, he worked with Michael Drew’s old boss and the creator of the 4 Bestseller Elements, Ray Bard, to relaunch the book.

Roy’s book was retitled, repackaged, and relaunched as The Wizard of Ads. He achieved bestseller success and became one of Michael Drew’s very first (out of 85) Bestseller Campaign successes.

More importantly, the success of The Wizard of Ads book helped to increase Roy Williams’ speaking fee from $5,000 to $20,000, and further helped to boost Roy’s professional fame and income.

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Your Big Idea

To sink resources into making the book a success, you’ll first want to ensure it’s designed to appeal to a big enough and interested enough audience to make it worth your while.

Engage Your Audience
Your Network

Because book promotion relies so heavily on your network, you’ll want to Market Test Your Network as well.

Market Test Your Network
Your Campaign

If those two tests result in positives, and if you can swing the hammer for a Combined Bestseller and Audience Engagement Campaign, then, you should really relaunch your book.

Get Details On Combined Campaign