Making the Major Bestseller Lists Ensure Your Book Gets Credit For Each Sale You Drive In

The essence of the Major List Bestseller Campaign—the campaign that put 85 of 85 books on the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestseller lists—is best described in our infographic. Click to expand.

From the infographic, it is clear the campaign is about ensuring the bestseller lists accurately record sales—because it’s not just about how many books you sell, it’s how those sales are reported and counted.

To get full credit, book sales must also be timed because even massive sales over months may fail to report on any one week and miss the lists.

We run bestseller campaigns in an ethical and above-board manner, so major publishers work with us, as well as teams from distribution, journalists and editors working on the major newspapers’ bestseller lists.

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Combine Bestseller and Audience-Engagement Campaigns 75% Of Our Authors Add Audience-Engagement Campaigns To Their Promotions

An Audience Engagement Campaign helps authors capitalize on the social proof and momentum created by a Bestseller Campaign. An Audience Engagement Campaign ensures you boost your business through your book’s success.

The greatest way to protect your time and investment in creating your book is to build an audience to build your business. Audience Engagement ensures you get the ROI your bestseller investment is designed to provide.

Most nonfiction authors know they ought to do content marketing, but don’t have the time to invest. Audience Engagement provides a year’s worth of done-for-you content based on your book. This is a double win for authors.

The Audience-Engagement Campaign improves your Bestseller Campaign, making it easier to generate the strategically-timed sales required of a Major List Bestseller Campaign. See more Promote A Book Combined Campaigns here.

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