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We match ambitions for world domination because as the best book promotion company in the business, with a track record and case studies to prove it, we craft turnkey, end-to-end solutions.

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Promote A Book’s Platform Building and Strategic Planning Services match ambitious authors’ natural tendency to plan three or four steps ahead.

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If you know how you want to be positioned, with what kind of platform years from now, use the momentum of a Combined Major List Bestseller and Audience Engagement Campaign to drive to the stars.

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A book is more than a book: It's the key to building your brand, to growing your business and to expanding your reach. A bestselling book gives you and your ideas real legitimacy in the marketplace. A bestseller is a proven way to take you from local to national and even international stages, with audiences who will follow you from project to project. A lot of authors are stumped about how to go from writing a book to having a bestseller. Not all authors have the resources to pay for full-scale marketing and promotional campaigns to take their book to the next level.

But no matter your budget, Promote A Book will help you find your audience. Whether you're starting out or already established, we can custom-build a marketing plan to give your book the polish it needs and launch you onto bestseller lists. Promote A Book works with all sorts of authors, at prices that won't break the bank, to ensure that the public hears their voices.

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