If You Haven’t Started Writing… An Uncovery with the Promote A Book writing staff can help you avoid book structure pitfalls, writer’s block, and stuckification in general.

Every manuscript is a work in progress. Our expert team of writers and editors help ensure that yours is perfect, and that it has all the elements you need to appeal to readers and buyers to make your book a bestseller. In other words, we go through your manuscript and certify that it has each of the essential elements to make a bestseller. Where it doesn't, we work with you to remedy this. We make sure that:

  • Your Big Idea is clear enough to appeal to readers and buyers
  • Where you can expand on your Big Idea and streamline your content
  • How you can best lay out your methods step-by-step, so that readers can put into action the nuts and bolts of your Big Idea.
  • Exactly how to bestseller-ify your book: what bestseller elements to add or strengthen.
  • Where your book may lack clarity, and how this can be fixed through editing and rethinking in order to ensure that your ideas are presented in the clearest way.

The best way to organize (or re-organize) your manuscript so that your book will have maximum appeal in the marketplace.

Bestseller-ify Your Book
Uncovery, Substantive Editing, or Ghostwriting?

Uncovery is for authors who want to write, and edit themselves. If you don’t want to do the writing, we help to get your book out of your head, onto the page, and into the bookstores.

You can hire Promote A Book’s writers to ghostwrite your book, either from scratch or based on your partially written manuscript or notes.

If you’d rather have our writing staff make the edits and changes for you, you can always hire us to do a substantive edit of your manuscript.

Just contact us to discuss your needs and we can help guide you to the right service.

Get The Best Editing