Amazon Print Bestseller Campaigns Print Books, Digital Promotion, Real Results

Amazon campaigns are often helpful for traditionally published authors.

They’re a great fit when:

  • You want to promote your book, but can’t yet budget a Major List Bestseller Campaign.
  • our publisher wants you to concentrate on promoting sales of your printed book
  • You want to establish a strong sales record of your printed book to help maximize your distribution track record for future books
  • You are already working hard to generate print book sales, and you want some bestseller recognition for it.

The Amazon Print Bestseller Campaign satisfies these requirements: it promotes your printed book, establishes a retail sales record, and allows you to top Amazon’s Bestseller list for your chosen category.

We offer this service, because we stand against wishful thinking when it comes to promoting yourself, your ideas, and your book—and that means actively promoting your book rather than just hoping it will “go viral.” It means squaring with the reality of your budget and current platform, rather than wishing you could afford a Major List Bestseller Campaign.

So this campaign is designed to give you the best book promotional bang for your real budget, in a way that’ll get you real business results.

The best part is that “Best-selling Author” is arguably no different when your bestseller status is conferred by Amazon than when it’s granted by a major newspaper.

Get Your Amazon Bang
Alternatives to
An Amazon Bestseller Campaign

If you’re not published by a traditional publisher, and you don’t have book distribution, it will probably make more sense to engage us for a Kindle Bestseller Campaign. It’s a great alternative if you’re not concerned with pushing sales of a print book.

If you have the budget, you’ll garner a lot more attention for yourself with a Major List Bestseller Campaign. The major newspapers come with a built in audience, and you’ll gain much more mass media attention by making one of their best seller lists.

You can think of the Amazon Print Campaign as the “baby bear” of bestseller campaigns: squarely in the “just right” middle ground. Maybe not for everyone, but a perfect fit for those that find themselves between “take over the world” ambitions and the bootstrap book marketing budget of the self-published author.

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