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Kindle Bestseller Campaigns make your book a bestseller in a select category of books. See the levels of services below. And, you can get a more extensive overview of our Kindle Bestseller Campaigns here.

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We generate and coordinate the individual sales to place your book onto Amazon’s bestseller list for a specific category. The Silver Kindle Campaign requires no other service purchase.

Go Silver With Kindle

Push it to the top! We train you to run an affiliate book launch campaign capable of generating more than 1,000 strategically-timed sales. Requires the purchase of a Platinum or Gold Website.

Go Gold With Kindle

We’ll push it to the top! We manage your affiliate campaign, guaranteeing at least 1,000 sales and #1 on the Kindle bestseller list for your category. Requires a Platinum or Gold Website.

Go Platinum With Kindle

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