Publishing Option

We can help you select the publishing option that will be best for you. Even though you’re interested in publishing through the services of a traditional publisher (and want to see your book at Barnes & Noble), there are both hybrid and traditional publishing options that can provide you with the retail distribution you will need. We can help you understand which option is the best fit for you.

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Publishing Houses

We can guide you toward those publishing houses and acquisition editors that represent the best fit for your book in terms of their category expertise and interest.

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Our Reputation

When publishers know you have committed to hiring Promote A Book, they know you are committed to making your book a success, and they are far more likely to want to be involved with that success. In fact we frequently work with major publishers for this very reason. This makes having Promote A Book in your corner a huge positive when it comes to having your book selected by your publisher of choice.

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Relationships And Know-How

We can work with publishers because we have the reputation, working relationships, and know-how that comes from being in the book promotion business for two decades.

If you want us to provide that kind of help to you as part of a Major List Bestseller Campaign, we are more than happy to have that conversation and either provide those services directly, or to direct you to a first-rate agent who can get you the representation you need.

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