The Book That’s Already Inside You Our Method for Tricking Your Brain and Outlining Your Book

Your desire to write means you have the knowledge, insight, experience, and opinions necessary to write a killer book. It may not feel that way to you, but we know if you didn’t have these things within you, you’d feel no desire to write.

Consciously sitting down to get what’s in your head onto the page flummoxes everyone, especially hard-charging thought leaders and professionals focused on taking over the world!

You trick your brain by using a simple outlining method, and then turbocharge that outline by applying the 4 Bestseller Elements and temperament-based communication principles to it.

Make a Bestseller With The 4 Elements
Now You Have An Outline And A Plan After Rapid Content Creation Method Works, What Do You Do?

We can help you at any stage: from writing, to publishing, to promoting your bestseller. You can even take the outline for your book and write it out as blog posts. In other words, you have options:

You could hand that outline over to a competent ghostwriter.

You could write the book from your outline then have it substantively edited and packaged by Promote A Book.

When you blog from your outline, you can assemble the blogs into a finished book, reversing the process of Marketing Bites. After you do, get a solid book website and blog for your content marketing platform.

Whatever approach you take to fleshing out your outline, make sure the content reflects the temperaments of your readership. That way you have a multifaceted approach that covers all of your bases.

Speak Your Readership's Language