Why a Publisher
Won’t Solve All Your Problems

First, understand what your publisher will and won’t do for you and your book.

The short answer is this: while your publisher will actually publish your book and get it distributed into bookstores, it won’t promote your book to readers—that’s your job.

This is what is left in your court:

  • Engaging your audience and promoting your book to prospective readers
  • Creating a powerful book website
  • Planning the transitions from book success to business success
  • Getting your book onto a bestseller list

While many publishers will provide substantive editing of your manuscript and professional book cover design, you might well find the need to source alternative cover designs or a higher level of individual editing attention. That’s why just getting a publisher isn’t usually enough for nonfiction authors and why Promote A Book is necessary for success.

Explore What Publishers Actually Do
It Helps to Have Us

The great thing about hiring Promote A Book for a Major List Bestseller Campaign, or other comprehensive service, is that most publishers (and agents) will see that as a plus, for a few reasons:

  • If your book is being ghostwritten by us, they know they’ll receive a great book delivered on time.
  • If your book is being promoted by us (via a Major List Bestseller or Combined Campaign), they’ll know that you, the author, are serious about making your book a success, and they know that Promote A Book will ensure that your book sells well and attains bestseller status.
See Why
We Have Relationships

Promote A Book can connect you with those publishers who would not otherwise consider a manuscript from un-agented author.

To a publisher, a book is first and foremost a business proposition. They are publishing your book to make money. So when Promote A Book introduces you, the publisher knows that we know the business side of publishing—that we are building your audience and generating the sales, bestseller success, and social buzz needed to make your book a successful business proposition, and that you understand your job didn’t end when you set the pen down.

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You’re Attractive

Promote A Book makes you a lot more attractive to a publisher, because you are more of a known quantity and safe bet, which makes it a lot easier for them to say yes.

Yet, the nitty-gritty of negotiating with a publisher to get you the best deal is the work of an agent, and if you think you’ll need that, you’d be wise to seek representation. We know many great agents and when you engage us, we are happy to help introduce you to an agent that fits your needs.

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Important Ways
Promote A Book Is Different

One of the first things you’ll probably notice about Promote A Book is that we think and work in terms of campaigns.

Other companies catering to new authors want to sell you products, or events, or books, or even one-off services. Our experience has been that these half-measures—like tickets halfway to Europe—don’t get authors to where they want to go. So we start with the results and craft coordinated campaigns capable of delivering those results.

The second thing you’ll notice—or we hope that you’ll notice is that we are happy to talk about our results and track record. Because we work in campaigns, we deliver real results. And because we deliver real results, we have happy clients and an enviable success rate.

There is a third difference you may not notice, which is that we actively plan the transitions and cover the gaps that most people ignore. We actively plan to make success happen at the very moments when others are leaving things up to chance.

There are many more differences, but if these three appeal to you, we think you’ll appreciate working with Promote A Book.