Michael’s Time-Tested Bestseller Strategies

Michael discovered how to grow an audience and convince them that a book is worth buying and a message is worth hearing. Nothing was as powerful as the Oprah Book Club—launching 70 titles onto bestseller lists—until Michael created Promote A Book.

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Solutions to Build and Serve an Audience

Michael observed shifting dynamics in publishing and how content reaches audiences, and now provides solutions through consulting, Internet distribution, websites, content marketing, videos, book trailers, podcasting, PR, and more.

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Promote A Book’s Explosive Growth

Michael expanded Promote A Book’s services to meet demand—all to help emerging thought leaders and authors achieve the highest levels of success in today’s fragmented and competitive media landscape. Michael’s solutions work.

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Michael Drew Is North America’s
Premier Book Promotion Expert
Your Vehicle To Make A Name, Make A Difference, And Make A Fortune.

Through speaking engagements and career coaching, Michael has created a new generation of thought leaders who he helped become more effective entrepreneurs and leaders in today’s idea-hungry marketplace.

Many Of Michael’s Authors Hit #1

Michael’s expertise is to make a book a success and a brand well known. That leads to becoming a best-selling author. That leads to becoming known as the authority in your field and even beyond it.

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Solving Problems

After a decade of working with the world’s experts in a variety of fields, Michael understands the potential and has identified the problems. He has assembled a suite of tools that allow you to attract readers and build your visibility.

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Building Books that Build Businesses

Michael fervently believes that your nonfiction book should be a vehicle for you to make a name, make a difference, and make a fortune. He stands against book marketing that doesn’t translate to business success.

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