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“I would have written a shorter letter, but I did not have the time”—Blaise Pascal

It’s a common technique for bloggers to compile their blog posts into a book. More than a few famous authors have done it, including heavyweights like Seth Godin and Steven Pressfield. It’s a methodology that works.

Marketing Bites is basically the mirror image of that. We take your book and turn it into snack-ably delicious blog posts, social media updates, infographics, graphic pull-quotes, and downloadable reports—an entire year’s worth of done-for-you content marketing awesomeness.

The translation from long-form to short-form content is harder than most people think. In the same way, the compilation of a well-written book from blog posts requires quite a bit more substantive editing than most bloggers assume. Fortunately, we have the content creation and content improvement methodologies along with the editing and ghostwriting horsepower to do both processes extraordinarily well.

Transform Your Content
Why Marketing Bites

When potential readers hear about you and your message, they typically aren’t ready to make the three-hour commitment to read your book. It’s too soon to ask for that. They’ve never heard of you before, and they have no idea if your book would be worth it or not.

Most of them are, on the other hand, willing to check out some short-form content if it proves relevant and interesting.

Or, if they see a link to something cool shared with them by a friend or colleague, they might just want to check out who created this cool quote, infographic, or blog post.

If you don’t have any snackable, short-form content to engage these semi-curious and prospective customers, then the process ends then and there. You lose. That’s why you need short-form content to help promote your book.

In other words, Marketing Bites helps you transform the curious, semi-interested browser into a dedicated reader who is ready to buy your book. It’s all about understanding the 12 Steps of Intimacy and how they apply to marketing.

The great thing about Marketing Bites is that it supplies short-form content on a done-for-you basis. You hand Promote A Book your manuscript, and we hand you back a year’s worth of short-form blogging and social media content.

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