Service Levels

Promote A Book offers two service levels:

  • A 1-Day Uncovery aimed mostly at determining the best book topic, Big Idea, angle of approach, and title—designed to help you, your business, and your larger goals.
  • A 2-Day Uncovery that adds a book planning and outlining service, so you not only understand which book to write, but how you’re going to write it, with a detailed roadmap for organizing and writing success.

Tell Us You're Ready

  • You will need to provide a meeting space at your location. You will want to ensure this space comes equipped with (or you bring) a flip chart and markers.
  • Plan on full 8-hour days. Your Promote A Book writer will be available for dinner following each day.
  • You’ll want to book our Uncovery a month in advance to ensure staff availability. Please contact us if you have less time than what we recommend to see if an expedited schedule is possible.
Get Your Advanced Booking

1-Day Writing Uncovery is $10,000

2-Day Writing Uncovery is $15,000