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“Sounds” Like You, Only Better
Our Award-Winning Ghostwriters Have the Skill to Write Like You Sound

You’ve achieved significant success, so you want to have your book ghostwritten. Here are three reasons why many of our most-successful clients choose to have a book ghostwritten:

  • You’re a better than average writer yourself, but…
  • You present and talk a lot better than you write
  • Your time is at a premium, and you don’t have nearly enough of it
Let Us Write You
Why Authors Choose Us

Our primary ghostwriter is an award-winning Wall Street Journal journalist who has ghostwritten many well-reviewed New York Times best-selling books. Highly skilled, proven.

On top of that, many of our smartest and most successful clients choose to have their book ghost written by the PAB writing team because:

  • they know great writing from mediocre and demand the former for their book
  • they want their book to sound like them at their face-to-face best
  • their businesses and other commitments prohibit them from investing the time required to write a book themselves
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Only Bestselling Content

Our proven proprietary methods ensure the writing matches your thinking style, your voice, your brand

We bake in the 4 Elements common to all best-selling, influential, and popular business books. Our methods ensure that your book sounds like you at your very best and brings to the reader more of the experience they’d get if they met you in person.

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Don’t Need Ghostwriting
But Still Need Help?
Of course, not everyone wants this level of done-for-you service. Fortunately, Promote A Book can also help you write or finish your own book by providing:
Substantive Editing

NOT proofing or minor tweaks but the full breakdown, analysis, and fixing of “Is this book on target? Does it work? How can it be made to work better?

Let Us Make It Work Better
1-Day Book Uncovery

One day with our writing staff is like the diagnosis part of Substantive Editing packed into one day of “here’s how to fix, finish, or make your book great.”

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Want to know if your big idea for a book is big enough and marketable enough to create a bestseller? You can find out right here on our site, right now. Seriously.

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Access our Rapid Content Creation method for free—We can provide you with an outline and a roadmap to writing and finishing your book.

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Moving Forward So here’s how Promote A Book Delivers on those promises of great writing that sounds like you only better, created with minimal requirements on your time:

To have Promote A Book ghostwrite your book for you, visit our service page to see the details on timelines, deliverables, and ballpark pricing. You can also fill out the form, or contact us directly.

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