If You’re Committed To Making Your Book A Bestseller

Push Though

To push all the way to bestseller success, you need minimums in publishing, distribution, and promotions. You’ll have to make some investments as well.

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Your options exclude self-publishing or publishers without the sales horsepower to provide first-rate distribution to retailers. This is especially hard for first books.

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Even if you have thousands of book sales lined up, to ensure success, you need a Major List Bestseller Campaign. Because it’s not just how many books you sell, it’s how the sales are counted.

Get Going on Your Campaign

To strategize ways to generate timed sales, you need to use your existing platform and audience, and mobilize your network, or engage Promote A Book to build your audience

Start Building Your Platform
Success Requirements

To sell books, you don’t have to do these things. But if you are committed to making the major bestseller lists, these are the requirements.

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It Makes Business Sense

There is a clear business case for a best-selling book. You’re really buying a voice, a platform, leverage, and the ability to turn your audience into an army—all business assets.

Leverage Your Assets
Take Over the World

If a national bestseller is your goal, Promote A Book is the best in the world at helping you. If you’re looking to taking over the world, we help with larger goals as well.

Take Over The World
Why Use Promote A Book Some Authors Wonder Why So Much Deliberate Strategy Is Needed

There are authors who write a good book, get good sales, and make the lists on their own. They’re rare. Perhaps an author could also win the lottery while being struck by lightning. It’s just extremely unlikely.

Increase Chances

A world-class business book released without the support of the author’s platform and network stands almost no chance of making the bestseller lists at its launch

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We created an infographic to show why this is the case, and it’s well worth a look for anyone who wonders exactly what is involved in a Major List Bestseller Campaign.

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Do More Than Try

We get paid to succeed, not try. Hoping for success is like basing your retirement on winning the lottery. We take the opposite stance. We actively plan for the difficult challenges and harsh realities that others ignore.

Tackle The Harsh Realities