Working With PAB

Campaigns & Timelines

We work in campaigns engineered to deliver comprehensive, bottom-line benefits instead of one-off services or products. And those campaigns have timelines. In other words, The Promote A Book approach to book promotion is a process, not an event.

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Team of Professions

You’ll be working with a team of professionals, whether our Bestseller Campaign team, our Writing and Editorial staff, or our design or marketing professionals. Every member of Promote A Book, from sales consultants to writers, understands book promotion in both a big picture and an in-depth way. In other words, we do 99% of our work in-house to maintain tight quality control.

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Work with Publishers

We are very comfortable working with publishers and PR firms. We can also help you find a good publisher (if you don’t have one yet) and a quality PR firm.

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Plan Transitions

A big part of our strategy is our discipline in planning the transitions— making sure that your book success translates to business success.

Plan Your Success