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Why You Need Promote A Book Authors Do Need to Promote Their Books, And Some Insist on the Best

If you’re a nonfiction author who is writing and publishing a book to increase your authority and perceived expertise, then you will need to actively promote your book and engage your readership to meet your goals. Promoting your book to readers is not something your publisher will do for you.

If you hope to see your book on the bestseller lists (either in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, or on Amazon), you’ll pretty much need help getting your book onto those lists. Taking a run at these major bestseller lists isn’t a DIY proposition. You need help ensuring that your book gets credit for the sales it actually generates. If you don’t understand that, this chart will help.

The reality for most nonfiction authors who see their book as a means to an end is that they will need to promote their book, and they can’t rely on their publisher to do it. That leaves hiring a professional or doing it themselves. If you choose the DIY route, we can help, but there are some solid reasons why you won’t want to go DIY for every aspect of your book’s promotion.

And if you choose to hire a professional, it just makes sense to not leave anything to chance, but to choose the book promotion professionals with the best track record for success: Promote A Book.

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Professionalism and Ethics

No self-respecting author wants to be seen as or accused of manipulating or gaming the system—of achieving bestseller status through tricks rather than honest sales.

And outright manipulation tends to be exactly what many of our competitors specialize in, which is why they and their clients have received such unfavorable press in the past.

Promote A Book scrupulously avoids that.

  • We help authors sell books to real readers and we ensure that those honestly earned sales get properly counted by the major newspapers that track, record, and publish bestseller lists.
  • We have spent decades working within the publishing industry and building our reputation. We refuse to jeopardize our relationships by engaging in anything other than respectable book promotion strategies. This is why we are able to work with the major publishers and effectively do our job to maximize distribution, sales, and reporting of sales.
  • Our bestsellers are 100% free range, grass fed, and unquestionably authentic.

If you’re writing and publishing a nonfiction book, you’re doing so to improve your reputation. That means your promotional efforts should be aligned with that goal. And that’s why you should trust Promote A Book with your book launch.

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We Favor Campaigns

First, realize that we favor providing clients with complete campaigns aimed at achieving a bottom-line benefits. That way you know what you’re buying in terms of end benefits, and we can make sure you get exactly that.

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We Work on a Timeline

Second, we prefer to work according to a strategic timeline rather than on a rush basis. Effective book promotion is a process, not an event. If you’re late, we can still help, but understand publishing and promotional timelines because the time to start is probably now.

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Third, we have a whole section on what to expect when working with us, and we recommend you browse through it.

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