What Publishers Do And Don’t Do

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Publishers curate manuscripts and authors, choosing what they believe is most likely to sell. It’s partly book quality, but much more finding smart business opportunities.

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Publishers edit, proof, typeset, format, and design, to transform manuscripts into books, then cover the cost and handle the printing to make a manuscript a bound book.

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Publishers distribute to retailers, negotiate for shelf space, even pay co-op fees. No publisher, no distribution. Without distribution, your book can’t hit the lists. Understand distribution.

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Publishers don’t have the time and resources to do traditional book PR. But, PR is important. Most authors should consider hiring a PR firm.

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Publishers don’t promote or even help promote books to readers, only to retailers and distributors. They also don’t do audience engagement or push your book onto bestseller lists.

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Substantive Editing

Your publisher may copyedit and fact check, but though they could substantively edit your book, in today’s publishing world, they can’t invest to bring out the best in your book.

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Business Risks

Publishing is always a business proposition—the numbers must work. A publisher must make decisions by the numbers, not bet on a book they “believe in.”

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A-List Treatment

PR and promotional efforts are made for “sure money” top-talent writers that simply can’t be extended to lower-level or untested authors.

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On Your Publishing Options
It’s A Brave New Publishing World And Publishing Options Are Expanding

Some options move the publishers’ job, like risk, to your plate. Some, like co-publishing, provide you distribution. Before choosing, use our free resources to make an educated decision. Or, work with us, and get the expert guidance you need.

Your Publishing Options