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In other words, Neil achieved his celebrity expert status the same way Carl Sagan did before him: by creating TV shows like Cosmos and books and other forms of content.

The important thing is that this is not limited to the field of astrophysics. The demand for celebrity experts—and the path to becoming one—is common to all professions and fields. The people in greatest demand are those whose expertise is widely recognized, or even celebrated. Which is to say the people who have actively promoted themselves as such.

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Audience Engagement Campaigns A Well-Promoted Book Is The Best Way To Promote Yourself As An Expert

Books bring credibility that other media still can’t quite match. That’s why at Promote A Book, we deeply believe that an old school book—properly promoted and marketed—is still the very best way to promote yourself as an expert.

But, it’s also true that a book alone isn’t enough anymore. People want snackable content like blog posts, articles, infographics, and videos.

In fact, a large part of the “properly promoted and marketed” caveat involves intelligent content marketing to help promote the author as a thought leader. That’s where Promote A Book’s Audience Engagement Campaigns come in.

If you have a book, or if you have the time to be interviewed by Promote A Book, we can create the content marketing for you, as well as set you up with a website and blog for your content marketing efforts.

Once you have all that, promoting yourself as a thought leader becomes easy. And your book’s ultimate success becomes much easier to ensure. For this reason, we strongly recommend combining Bestseller Campaigns with Audience Engagement Campaigns.

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Demonstrating expertise is always more effective than claiming it.

All of our content marketing efforts are based on that simple principle: we want to make you useful to your targeted readers while demonstrating your expertise at the same time. This is how we manage to promote you while keeping all of your content marketing efforts dignified, respectful, and fully professional.

We’ve even gone so far as to replace the sales funnel with a more respectful (and effective) marketing system, suitable for genuine experts and professionals. So, no reason to hesitate, but to jump right in and help make a difference for others.

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