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Persuasive and Interactive Messaging

Most websites are designed as author-centric brochure-ware. They take the blurbs and synopses from the back cover of the book and repackage that messaging on a few standardized pages: About the Book, About the Author, Where to Buy, and so forth.

Promote A Book takes the opposite approach.

We think of who is coming to your website and why, and then figure out what conversation your book website needs to have with these prospective readers.

When a website “speaks” to visitors in the correct manner, they become engaged with the content and on the road to either buying the book or hiring you. The full process for doing this is called Persona Architecture and you can read more about it here. The Reader’s Digest version is that our sites are designed to persuasively engage visitors by considering the context and purpose of their visit as well as their natural temperament-based communication preferences.

Speak to Your Visitors’ Temperaments
People Do Judge Books by Their Covers—And Their Websites

So, how good do you want your book’s website to be? How persuasively do you want it to engage potential readers, clients, interviewers, and members of the press?

Most books have mediocre websites or no website at all—most publishers don’t provide book websites to their authors.

That’s why Promote A Book provides authors with something much, much better.

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Custom Graphic Design and Branding

What you want is for your website’s design to match your book’s cover design in a way that works for the web. What most people settle for is a standard WordPress design and a similar color scheme.

Promote A Book provides for customized, professional graphic design that ensures the first visual impression of your website is positive, attractive, and persuasive—a look that draws your audience in, and inspires confidence in you and your book.

You can view some of our custom website designs here.

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About Your Book’s Amazon Page

Prospective readers will either Google your book, or look it up on Amazon. That means, your book’s Amazon page is pretty important. Most authors just take the copy from their back cover and cover flap and repurpose it for Amazon. But that’s not the most effective solution.

When you hire Promote A Book to create your Book Website, we handle your Amazon page copy—your book description, “about the author,” and Amazon author page content—to ensure that the biggest components of your digital presence are as effective and persuasive as possible.

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Moving Forward

To have Promote A Book create your Book Website, we suggest you take a look at the Book Website Service Page to see the different levels of this service, timelines, ballpark pricing. You can also fill out the lead form below or contact us directly.