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4 Elements of Best-Selling Books

If you are working on your book and it doesn’t feel like it has enough appeal or “punch,” review the 4 Elements that are common to every best-selling nonfiction book: a Big Idea, Nuts & Bolts, Entertainment, and Hope.

Review The 4 Elements
1-Day Uncovery With A Bestseller Specialist

A 1-Day Uncovery with our specialist provides the objectivity you need to how to fix your manuscript and a roadmap to make the necessary edits with a much clearer idea of what will land your book on a bestseller list.

Uncover Your Roadmap To Success
Substantive Editing by Top Professionals

Substantive Editing means we take your finished manuscript and evaluate it to provide you a 30,000-foot view of its strengths, weaknesses, and recommended conceptual or organizational changes to improve it.

Evaluate Your Manuscript
Translate Your Message to Personalities

When you understand your own temperament, you can also learn how to “translate” your messaging into the preferred communication styles of the other temperaments.

Engage With Temperaments
Writing for You Secures an Audience of One

Authors and thought leaders who write to satisfy themselves and ignore the communication and decision-making needs of the other three temperaments lose as much as 85% of their potential audience.

Use Our Temperament Centered Process
Communicate With Power To All Temperaments
  • Learn about Temperament-Based Communication,
  • Find out what kind of temperament / thought leader you are,
  • Discover how to bridge the communication gap between you and the other three temperaments
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Dust Off and Relaunch an Old Script

Our 4 Elements process works for authors who have just started writing, as well as authors who have already written the first draft of their manuscripts, and even for authors looking to relaunch an old book.

Get Your Book Ready
“Bestseller-ify” Your Book

When you understand what each bestseller element is and how you can boost those elements within your draft, you’ll gain new insight into where your book is strong, where it’s weak, and how you can make it even more appealing.

Ask Us To Help
Ghostwriting By An Experienced Writer

Having your book ghostwritten means it will sound like you—only better! When personal and business demands leave you without the time needed to write the spectacular book that’s inside you, we can do it for you—and make it a bestseller.

Let’s Put Pen
To Paper