Bootstrap Book Promotion

Bootstrap Book Promotion What to Do When You Don’t Have the Budget for Promote A Book

Do you have a plan for promoting your book? Many authors do their own promotion own mention their book to friends, acquaintances and colleagues – and then hope for the best. But hope doesn’t get an author noticed.

Promote A Book get people noticed (and it has the track record to prove it). We have a proven method for authors to become known, to build their brand, enlarge their audience and grow their businesses. Promote A Book can help you with a step-by-step plan for turning your book into a bestseller and allow you to reach your world-changing goals.

Take Your First Step
Use The Four Elements
The Four Elements Are Essential To Making Your Book Stand Apart

Four elements set bestselling books apart from other books: an insightful big idea; nuts and bolts that provide a plan of action; entertainment through the writing, and storytelling and hope in the promise that the reader will be able to move ahead by using the book. Many books may have one or two of these elements – but bestselling books have more than others. We work with our authors to ensure that their books contain these four elements throughout, and that our marketing plan for their book highlights these elements so that readers become eager to buy the book to learn more about how the author can serve their needs.

Infuse Your Book with the 4 Elements
Promote A Book A La Carte Starting With Promote A Book Piecemeal

You are responsible for promoting your book to readers, so you’d love to get a Bestseller Campaign and Audience Engagement Campaign, but you can’t. What now? Do with your idea what we would do for you, like this:

  • Market Test Your Big Idea to better understand your potential audience
  • Take stock of your network and how you can leverage that network to promote your book
  • Use our Rapid Content Creation Method to create blog posts, social media comments, and other bite-sized content from your book. Use strategically.
  • Bake-in the 4 Elements of Bestsellers to your book and your content marketing.
  • Use the 12 Steps of Intimacyto plan the transitions from blog reader to book buyer to client.
  • Create the best book websiteyou can, focusing on a persuasive experience for site visitors
  • Hustle to find speaking gigs and act as your own PR firm
  • Send advanced copies of your book to people sympathetic to your message in the blogging community related to your core audience.

If possible, raise enough or save enough to invest in a Kindle Bestseller Campaign. If you can do that, and this list, and hold down your day job, you’ll be golden.

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