Audience Engagement

The Full Package
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  • Consulting with PAB team
  • 25 Page Book Website
  • Backend marketing funnels
  • Style Guide
  • Merchant Account
  • Monthly Maintenance Package
  • 2 Blog Posts per week
  • Social Media Posts
  • Weekly newsletter
  • Annual number of leads:
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What You Get

Michael R. Drew and his team advise you for six solid hours on your business and approach, your book, and your audience. We keep in contact with you as the project unfolds. You will have a team of Promote A Book experts on call. At least three people will work directly with you and your colleagues on this project. Having this team as your team means if you have a question, we are here to answer it. Michael’s team will share with you the time tested strategies to watch your project come to life and get you the results you’re looking for.

Meet Michael
Planning for Success

You have goals beyond their book. Perhaps you want to capture customers on your contact list so that you can directly promote your next book to them. Or maybe you want to mobilize your audience toward a charity or upsell people to more expensive info-products. Or you’d just like to move from being an author to becoming a paid speaker. It’s vital that your book contribute toward these goals, so we carefully incorporate these goals into you online platform.

Or Take Over the World
Style Guide

We work closely with you on developing the proper language and graphics for your brand that best represents who you are and what you offer. This style guide will have the right terms for optimized search-engine use, the trigger words to appeal to your audience, and the phrases and vocabulary to avoid. We also do keyword research, both for the book, your services, and your overall business. This works with the style guide so that certain words and phrases are built into your white papers, your blogs with related images, and your book so that these will appeal to different types of people within your audience and trigger better results with search engines.

Content Package

We optimize the content we tailored for you by mixing short-form posts, medium-length articles, and reports. You’ll get content for a whole year, including social media, blogs, and whitepapers. All done for you. You’ll have a year’s worth of content, strategically planned and sequenced, and an entire editorial calendar that is specifically focused on getting people interested and excited about your book, message, and services—all written by award-winning journalists, copywriters, and bloggers. This is important because regular, routine posts create significantly greater results than sporadic posts. Having everything produced up front, for an entire year, makes your content-marketing efforts run like clockwork. And in essence, it gives you a full year of time you can invest in other ways that will pay off for your platform—such as training for public speaking or developing a radio program.

Get 12 Months With Marketin Bites

Starting with the planning, including graphics, writing, social media and web development this is a done for you service. We see the project from concept through to its launch, and more. We are there with you from the conception and design of the website and discussion of the white papers to the publication of the papers, the illustrated blogs, and newsletters, to the launching of your site. Lots of people tell you how to do something, working with Promote A Book at this engagement level means we’ll do it for you. Copywriting – web development is all completed for you.

Work With Us
Support & a Team That Has Your Back

Why does a team matter to you? Easy, you don’t have to do it. This saves you the time a learning curve requires to do it right, as well as the time of doing it, and the energy, emotion, and focus the task siphons off from your other important activities. While you’re working with us the Promote A Book team is your team. You’ll be able to pick up the phone, call your project manager and have a team of marketers there to help you with your book project. You’ll have a weekly call with your project manager and weekly updates with reports of growth in your audience size.

Meet Our Campaign Team
Social Media Management, Traffic, Leads, & an Audience

Once your message is up it’s all about finding people who need to hear what you have to say. Included in these packages you’ll see that you are getting leads or as we like to say opt ins with email addresses of people you can stay in touch with. You’ll also have all of your social media managed weekly for you. One of the biggest blocks many authors experience is lack of leads. The good news is with these packages you will have the leads you need to grow your following.

Grow Your Following