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Engage Your Audience Grow Your Readership, Reach, and Influence

We see an Audience Engagement Campaign as the natural complement to a Bestseller Campaign. Combining the two, along with an appropriate publishing and PR plan, is the first step to Taking Over The World.

In essence, an Audience Engagement Campaign helps grow your audience and then transforms that audience into an army of book-buying, link-sharing, review-posting fans and business leads.

This campaign is made up of two of our most popular services: Persuasive Website Design and Development combined with a year’s worth of our done-for-you content marketing. These services provide authors with a digital home base for their book promotion efforts along with everything they need to engage and nurture prospective readers and clients.

This means that when readers hear about you, either from a bestseller list, your PR efforts, or a shared link, they can instantly get more information and taste test your content. If your content is good—which it will be, thanks to our Marketing Bites service—those curious blog readers will become book buyers, then go on to become fans and clients.

Of course, every author hopes that these transitions and transformations will happen. Promote A Book doesn’t rely on crossed fingers and wishes. We intelligently engineer your marketing process to make them happen.

Take Over The World
Convince Readers to Buy Your Book

For better or worse, the only effective way to convince people to buy your book is to expose them to the actual content of the book, so they can decide for themselves. Yes, great reviews help. As does media buzz. As does sales success. But ultimately, the proof of the pudding is in the tasting.

So we take your manuscript and create done-for-you, bite-sized tastes for prospective readers. Some of these bites are blog posts. Other bites are Social Media posts and comments. Others still are graphically-enhanced pull quotes. And some are downloadable reports and white papers. All in all, it is a year’s worth of strategically-planned content marketing. We’ll even provide multimedia content marketing —i.e., videos, infographics, interactive quizzes—for those authors looking to expand their content marketing in that direction.

This is how we transform your manuscript into a year’s worth of custom-created content that moves barely curious taste-testers through the 12 Steps of Intimacy, transforming them into dedicated readers, as well as lifetime customers and fans.

Get Your Marketing Bites
Promote A Book websites are different because they are engineered to be persuasive:
  • We start with the different categories of site visitors—the reporter debating whether to feature your book in his article; the professional organization contemplating whether to book you to speak; and the interested reader deciding whether to buy your book or check out your blog—then figure out the appropriate action we want them to take.
  • We then plan the exact content and messaging to persuade these visitors into taking those actions, focusing on temperament-based communicationto maximize results.
  • We assemble those pre-planned interactions into the pages, links, design, and interactive elements that will make up your site.
  • Finally we custom build your site using professional designers, copywriters, and Web developers.

Granted, this process is more in-depth and it costs more (but not much more) than a typical quick-and-dirty book website. But when building the digital home-base for your book promotional efforts, experience has taught us that the improved results are well worth the investment.

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