The Hard Truths

Succeeding With Book Promotion

Book promotion is up to you. We take you through the process so that you reach your goals.

Publishers don’t do book promotion or social media marketing for you. They don’t have resources to do that for each author. Even if you meet with a publisher’s marketing department or its publicity department, you’re one author among dozens, and you won’t get the attention you need to have the bestseller you want.

Successful book promotion has three elements:

  • Distribution: getting your books into the physical and online bookstores. Your publisher will take care of this for you.
  • A bestseller campaign: the right tactics and techniques to push your book onto the bestseller lists.
  • Audience engagement. You must reach your prospective audience and persuade it to respond to your message and build a relationship with you, which leads to sales of your book.
Start Building Your Platform
We’ll Take You All The Way

Authors are responsible for the marketing of their book and need the expertise of the premier book-marketing company in the world to do this in order to catapult their book —and their personal brand, business, and message — into the spotlight:

  • When your expertise is known, there will be increased demand for your products and services
  • When your brand is known, you can charge a premium for your products or services
  • With increased public awareness comes more opportunities for public speaking, teaching and business partnerships.

Promote a Book highlights your expertise, builds your brand and the awareness of what you offer. If Promote A Book’s strategies and services are for you, and you can see past the myths and misunderstandings to understand how bestselling books are really created, you can make a name, make a difference and make a fortune in the world.

Let Us Take You All The Way
Here’s What We’ve Got For You

We know you want your voice heard—that’s why you’ve written a book. We can help you create and execute the strategies that empower you to have your voice heard. We’re better than anyone else on the planet when it comes to leveraging your platform to get your book noticed and to make you better known.

We offer:

First we make sure your book has all the elements necessary to become a bestseller. Then we plan and execute marketing campaigns so that your book doesn’t get lost in the noise. We introduce readers to you, your brand, your book, and your message so when they check you out online, they’re impressed, assured and excited to take the next step in engaging with you.

Lead Them To The Next Step
Moving Forward

Now that you know the hard truths, we’re here to help you take the next step.