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One of the major services we provide is professional book cover design, including the creation of flap and back cover copy.

The visual design of your book is extremely important. If your publisher is not providing that to you, it is well worth the expense to hire a professional.

The same can be said of the book description, whether that’s placed on the back or flap cover, or used for your book’s Amazon page. People want to know what your book is about. If the description is not enticing, then that’s all the potential reader will ever read.

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Interior Design

Of course, once people get inside your book, they are just as judgmental over page layout and aesthetics. Great interior design and layout pulls readers along and gives them the visual pacing and breaks they need to make them feel as if they want to read your book, cover to cover.

If you’ve ever cracked a book and it felt like way too much work to wade through, you’ve experienced the damage that poor interior design can do.

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Promote A Book vs. Freelance Design Book Cover Design Is A Unique Talent, Requiring More Than Cool Effects

Buying any kind of design on a freelance basis, and especially book cover and page layout design, often leads to disappointing results. It takes time and no small amount of trial and error to find talented, reliable designers that aren’t jaw-droppingly expensive.

Even talented designers can create flawed designs if they’re not familiar with the specific challenges and requirements related to book cover design and page layout.

When you work with Promote A Book, you get access to much better designers who are already professionals within the specific niche of book cover design and page layout.

We eliminate the trial and error and ensure you get a much better product.

Promote A Book has decades of experience in promoting and packaging books. We have an incredible feel for the kinds of cover designs that improve a book’s chances for success, and what kinds of designs tend to bomb in the marketplace.

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